Saturday, October 5, 2013

Typhoon Lagoon

Every time we go to Disney World, we try to spend a day at one of their water parks ... Typhoon Lagoon.  We have been to this park 5 times and we keep returning.  It is a relaxing, beautiful day!

One of the girls' favorite parts is the kid sized raft ride:
The first time we came here, we carried their rafts from the base (forty feet) to the top.  After about 15 minutes, we taught them how to carry their own rafts. 
Look at that smile:
Typhoon Lagoon is great because it is beautifully landscaped, with greenery, flowers, and birds all over the place.
The park also has several large raft rides which we rode.  But, those rafts are much larger and we could not figure out I could carry three up while leaving Robby at the bottom to take pictures.  They also have a big family raft ride, which was tons of fun.  But again, that was very hard to photograph while we are riding it.
 Another favorite part of the park is the side-by-side water slides:

 A few times the girls finagled it so they could ride simultaneously.

 Behind the huge wave pool, there is a large tidal pool which the kids love.

Cheerleading permeates every aspect of Sabrina's life:

In the back of the wave pool, there are some benches.  Sabrina loves the wave pool, but Catherine gets a little scared because it can throw you around quite a bit.  So, Robby & Sabrina tend to spend a lot of time in the wave pool while Catherine & I sit back and watch. 

We decided to get some pictures of the girls sitting on this bench, waiting for the waves to come and "tickle their feet."  Catherine sat like a little princess, but Sabrina was terrified.  This is interesting to me, because it is a complete reversal of their personalities.  Normally Sabrina is brave and Catherine is reticent.  In this situation we had to force Sabrina to sit and wait for the wave.  I am glad we did, because the expressions captured in their pictures are priceless!
 Fear for Sabrina, calm for Catherine.
I am so proud of Catherine's self control ... remaining calm and still while the wave crashes into them.

 After the first wave, Sabrina refused to put her feet down:

 You can see a few smiles out of Sabrina, despite how much she protested:
Catherine and I had great fun sitting on the bench as the waves crashed in on us.  I think she loved the security of being seated and felt safe in the wave pool.
Sabrina is still not happy:

 But Catherine thinks it's hysterical:

 When we let them both sit on my lap, they loved the bench:
 Running through the tide pool:
 Sitting in the tide pool:
 Standing near the tide pool:
 Sitting at the edge of the tide pool, a bit too close to the waves:

 The incoming waves were strong enough to knock them over:
So they tried using beach chairs:
Typhoon Lagoon is such a fabulous water park!!

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