Saturday, October 5, 2013

Catherine Turns 8!

It has been over a month and a half, but Catherine is now 8!!  Blogging has gotten tougher to squeeze into my day.  Ever since we have home schooled, my "to do" list has stagnated, our meals have gotten simpler, my corners are more filled with dust bunnies, etc.  So, I am quite behind in my blogging. 

Both girls are obsessed with My Little Pony right now, so that was the obvious theme we chose.  Well, they chose.  All the ponies have "cutie marks" which tell a little bit about their personalities.  So, we had a tattoo station and a nail painting station:
A dear friend of ours also set up a green screen with some special electronic equipment so the kids could see themselves on screen.  We played a My Little Pony video and his equipment superimposed the children into the video.
 So here is Catherine and her cousin Addison:
 We also had a table full of ponies and their accessories:
 My brother graciously ran the tattoo station:

 Britt helped paint their nails, I mean hooves:
 More pony play:
 The kids loved watching themselves on screen:

 Part way through the party, I told all the kids to gather in the foyer.  The doorbell rang ...
 ... and it was Pinkie Pie!!  No joke, it was a miniature horse which they had spray painted pink:
A fabulous organization named Horsey Housecalls trains miniature horses to visit children's hospitals and sick children.  They were so gracious to come to Catherine's birthday party!!
 Catherine was impressed that Pinkie Pie had a tiara on:
 We moved the party to the backyard:
 All the kids wanted to walk the horse:
They also brought a big horse, which they had dressed up to be Twilight Sparkle (with spray painted stars on the flank, a unicorn horn, and a pair of wings):

 Sabrina loved walking Pinkie Pie in circles:
This miniature horse was so tolerant ... she allowed the kids to completely cover her main, back & tail with flowered barettes:
Catherine wanted her favorite stuffed animal, Pupoomy, to ride Pinkie Pie:
 She thought this was hysterical:
 Sabrina trying to make the horse "walk on" even though the horse wanted to eat grass instead:

This was a fabulous birthday and I cannot believe that Catherine is 8 years old now!

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