Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make a Wish Walk - 2013

Every year the Make a Wish organization of Georgia holds a 5K run in Marietta to raise money to fund local, Cobb County, wishes.  We love this organization and are forever grateful for the wonderful trip they gave us when Catherine was just ending her cancer treatments.  So, any time they ask us to help we say YES!

To start the race the announcer asked the three little girls (Catherine, Sabrina, and another Wish child named Lilla) to tell the runners GO!
Then we wandered through the farmer's market in the Marietta Square.  One of the vendors had a goat (on a leash), which frightened Sabrina.  Hiding behind my leg seemed safe:
 Now Sabrina is getting braver:
After just over 16 minutes, the first runner crossed the finish line:

About 5 minutes later, other runners came by, cheered on by the girls:

 The girls were shocked when one runner crossed the line with his dog:
 Catherine's Sunday School teacher and her children ran the race.  Here are the girls with Rachel:
 Catherine with the race announcer:
 After the race the three little girls took turns handing out awards:
Each runner took a picture with the girl which handed out the award.  I have no idea where Sabrina learned to "photo bomb," but she would jump in with a huge smile to add herself into pictures:
When it was Sabrina's turn to take a picture with a runner, she took the opportunity to "strike a pose."  Catherine and Lilla grew bored handing out the awards (there were three winners in each of about 18 categories), but Sabrina hammed it up:
 The runners found Sabrina hysterical:
Catherine was mildly amused by the time we got to the older runners:
 But Sabrina simply used her imagination to strike different poses:
Catherine might me calm and collected, but her sister photo bombed with a goofy grin:
 She's so excited!
 Should we rename her "Silly?"

This is a great event and we love helping Make a Wish out anyway we can.

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