Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tea Party

Recently our Brownie troop went on a very girly trip to Tea Leaves and Thyme, a tea house near us.  It was a lot of fun!  Catherine, who would never drink tea, asked for a pot of water (no ice - not too cold!).  She loved pouring the water into her tea cup and daintily drinking.
The costume center was a big hit. It was well stocked with hats, dresses, scarves, purses, stoles, and jewelry.
 This hat may match, but is a bit too big for Sabrina:
Francesca checking out part of the hat collection:
 Catherine loved the shawl:
 She looks Ukranian in this pose:
Our whole group:
They brought us all of our food on these layered tiers.  There was a lot of variety and actually more food than we could eat. However, the kids spent more time in the costume center than at the table.
 Catherine practicing a "tea cup hold:"
 This hat fits Sabrina better:
 Francesca keeping her pinkie out:
 Check out Nettie's pinkie:
 Catherine located the elbow length, white silk gloves:
 Costume change for Sabrina:
Camryn & Courtney trying out new dresses with matching hats:
So much fun!

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