Saturday, July 13, 2013

Wizard of Oz Activities

I asked the girls what extra, fun activities they wanted to do this summer.  They said they wanted to study the Wizard of Oz.  So, I dreamt up a few activities for them to do.  We have had a lot of fun and explored some different things.  We made "salt dough" and used it to make a huge number of bricks.
This was just about the same thing as making cut out Christmas cookies, except you couldn't eat them.  Nevertheless, it was good practice for using a rolling pin and cutting rectangles.
 The finished product:
 Then we painted them yellow:
 Sabrina is still a messy, inappropriate painter:
 After they were all painted:
Then we taped them all on a big sheet of paper, in a long trail.  Along the trail we created small props for the different sections of the story.  The girls did not know what a model was, but loved coming up with different ideas.  We made apple trees and corn stalks out of pipe cleaners.  They used a brown bottle cap for a stump (which the Tin Man's oil can sat on):
They got some grass from the front yard to make the poppy fields:
 They made a castle out of a box and toilet paper tubes, then painted it green:
 Then they added sparkle to the castle so it would look like an Emerald City:
In another "Wizard of Oz" session we studied Dorothy.  We weaved paper and learned what gingham fabric is.
Then we used some thick brown yarn and tried (without success) to learn how to braid.  Neither one of the girls could handle braiding.
I have a lot more Wizard of Oz ideas in the pipeline ...

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