Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ruby Falls

Yesterday we went to Chattanooga and visited Ruby Falls.  This was the girls' first experience in a cave and they had a blast.  We were all very impressed with the actual waterfalls.  Here is a shot of me, the girls, and my father in the cave (we are 260 feet below the surface):
On most of the tour I could touch the ceiling.  In a few spots, the girls could jump up and touch the ceiling:
 Catherine examining some of the rock formations:
 Some of the stalactites:
 A view of the waterfalls (they were well lit with changing colors):
The girls in front of the waterfall.  It was very difficult for me to get good pictures in the cave and Robby could not come on this trip.
 Another shot of the falls. 
 After the cave tour, the girls did some gem panning:
 And played on the playground:
This was a lot of fun!

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