Saturday, May 4, 2013

Rally on the Runway

Every year the Rally Foundation holds a great fundraiser/fashion show called "Rally on the Runway."  Two years ago Catherine was one of the actual "models."  Last year and this year she gets to participate as an "alumni model."  This is one of our favorite events each year.

The girls get their hair and make-up done at the event:
 This year they put little tiny flowers in each girls' hair:
 Sabrina had her hair and make-up done too: 
I loved the side-swept braid they did in Sabrina's hair!  And they both loved having their make-up done:

 Sabrina got flowers in her hair too:
 Catherine was escorted by an Atlanta Falcon:
 He lifted her up for a spin in the air:
 She loved being on the stage!
Rally raises a lot of money in this fun evening - all for pediatric cancer research!

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