Saturday, May 4, 2013

Give Kids the World

Several years ago we took a trip to Orlando sponsored by Make A Wish.  We stayed at the Give Kids the World Village, which is specifically designed for Make A Wish kids coming to Disney (as well as Sea World and Universal).  On our trip we spent so much time in the theme parks that we did not get to spend a lot of time in the Village itself. 

So, we are so glad that the Village allows former Wish kids and their families to return once a year to spend the day in the Village.  We have gone back several times and always have a great time.  They have a small train, a dinosaur themed putt-putt course, and a carousel:
The highlight of the Village is huge pool, which includes a great splash area.  The girls played in this pool for the majority of the day:

 We can't wait until pool season!
 Catherine danced in the water a lot:

 The Village provided floats, noodles, and beach balls for the kids:
One thing that is exciting about the Village is that every time we come back, there is something new to explore.  This year they had a sand play area with tons of play toys:
 The girls love swimming under the fountains:

Robby being silly with the girls:
 The girls playing tag with Robby:
It was so tiring that the girls moved lounge chairs into the shade, lowered them down, and took a nap.  Of course the "nap" only lasted ten minutes.
The Village has a great ice cream parlor (which Sabrina went to four times).  On one of our trips to the ice cream parlor, we saw some white squirrels.  I had never seen these before and asked a Village volunteer about them.  They said that the white squirrels just showed up one day and they have no idea where they came from.  They suspect that the squirrels either escaped from or were dumped by a small-time circus. 
 There is a whole "colony" of them.
 They were so unusual:
After the girls swam all day, they went to the La Ti Da spa.  The volunteers there knew that we had a breakfast appointment with the princesses at Magic Kingdom.  So, they did the girls' hair, make-up and nails.
That evening there was a "Princess Tea Party," so the Village had a few princesses ready for the party. 
Normally when I brush Catherine's hair, she screams and cries.   When the purple princess brushed her hair, Catherine was silent.  When I asked her about it later, Catherine said "I couldn't scream near a princess!"  I asked her if she would pretend that I was a princess when I brushed her hair.  She said she would if I would wear a ball gown and a tiara every morning.
 I love the little tiaras they put in their hair!  Sabrina sitting still for her make-up:
 Checking out her manicure:
 Catherine getting her hair into a high bun, like Cinderella.
 We had costumes with us for the tea party.
 Eye make-up:
Another recent addition to the Village is this great playhouse:
 The tea party started with a bunch of crafts:
 Catherine just adored the puppet theater:
 A formal picture with all the "tea party princesses:"
 And finally, the tea itself:

We just love the Give Kids the World Village!  Here's the girls with Mrs. Clayton, the Village mascot:

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