Saturday, May 4, 2013

Magic Kingdom!

Every time we go to Disney World, we visit the Magic Kingdom.  It is usually the highlight of our trip, as we get to see all the characters we love and the rides we love.  This time was extra special because we went to breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.  We were so lucky because we got to go into the park before it opened.  The park was not totally empty, but much less crowded:
Robby & the girls in front of Walt and Mickey:
 Walking into Cinderella's castle:
We bought the girls new Cinderella costumes for this occasion.  They wore their tiaras they received at the spa at Give Kids the World Village.
 This dress & hair-do on Cinderella is the "updated" version:

 Our whole group with Cinderella:
 Climbing the tower to the restaurant:
 Look!  Stained glad windows!
 During the breakfast we met Rapunzel"
 Of course Catherine wouldn't eat anyway, but at this meal we couldn't even get her to face the table:
 Signing autograph books:
 The ceiling of the dining room is gorgeous - soaring and full of banners:
 Sabrina would not focus on her meal either:
 More autographs:
 The girls really get a chance to chat with the princesses:
 Laughing like they are old friends:
 My Dad with Jasmine:
 Getting Sleeping Beauty's autograph:

 Snow White is very expressive:

 Outside the castle, we met Cinderella's step-family:
 We road the Under the Sea ride, and then met Ariel in her grotto:
 She talked a lot with the girls:
At the princess breakfast, we were given magic wands.  Ariel called them "Starfish on a Stick," which made the girls laugh.

 We also met Gaston for the first time:
At the Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction, Catherine played the character of Maurice, and hid in a cardboard dungeon:
 Sabrina played the Beast, wore a cape and was supposed to frighten Belle with a threatening roar:
 At the end of the "play," Sabrina danced with Belle:
Instead of signing autographs, Belle gives out bookmarks:
 And hugs:
 They always love the carousel:
 We did the Hall of Presidents attraction.  The girls took a quick nap before the show:
 Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride:
 Woody and Jessie:
Sabrina posing in the Adventureland section of the park.  The girls were finally tall enough to ride Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain.
 Meeting Clarabelle the Cow:
 And Buzz Lightyear:
 We were in the park from 8 am until 11:30 pm - it was a very, very long day - but great!
 Daddy with the girls:
The only melt-down of the day was at the very end.  Sabrina refused to meet Mickey - she has met him many times before, but this time she folded her arms and started to scream.  We relented before it became a total scene.  I am not sure why, but exhaustion probably had a lot to do with it.  So, this picture is just with Catherine:
 So much fun!

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