Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Fun Picture Books

I get a lot of book selections from other blogs, so here are some picture books which we have enjoyed recently.  The first one is similar to Harold and the Purple Crayon, except a dog is the main character.  The girls loved this book by Louise Yates:
I have not done it yet, but I intend to give the girls a long strip of adding machine tape and have them draw a story ... on and on .. until they get to the end of the tape!

This year we studied China (including the Silk Road, the Great Wall, and Chinese characters).  This is a book set in modern times which includes Chinese characters:
This cute book is about a little Chinese boy who teaches his friends the Chinese characters for various items on a farm.  My girls loved copying over the characters.  I found it interesting that several of the characters have little stories which are used to teach the children (and I presume adults) how to remember which characters have which meanings.

Another treasure by Anna Dewdney:

In this cute book the child llama gets bored at the grocery store and throws all the food out of the cart.  Mama Llama explains that she doesn't like shopping either, but she likes spending time with her child.  So then the child llama and she clean the store, work together to finish their shopping, and have a special day together.  Several lessons to learn here!

In the tradition of Dr. Seuss, this cute book by Marilyn Sadler was enjoyed by my girls:

I highly recommend it!

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