Saturday, June 1, 2013

Educational Picture Books

We read tons & tons of books and I need variety.  The kids would be happy reading the same books over & over again.  But, I need to explore new ones.  Here are some in our "library basket" right now.  The girls always like to read books about animals, and this one about ladybugs was a hit:
Gail Gibbons' book taught all of us a bunch about lady bugs!  I did not realize they have two sets of wings, that there are 475 types of lady bugs in North America.  The girls learned that they eat aphids and other tiny bugs on leaves.  We discussed a lot of commonalities between ladybugs and butterflies.
If you like ocean creatures more, this one was quite interesting & eye-opening:
I have also found a bunch of math picture boosk by Loreen Leedy.  Catherine reads these every day, even taking them to the pool to read during the lifeguard breaks.
Catherine also liked:
We actually read these together at night and have great "math" discussions - without worksheets & pencils ... just talking about math:
I am a bit ashamed that I am just now introducing my kids to this series of books:
The girls loved the glittery scales and I loved the moral lesson about sharing.  Our library has one of the sequels:

I have requested one more in this series from the library and hope to do some sparkly crafts inspired by these books.  Recently we read a book about Chinese characters which the girls loved.  I found another book by the same author:
This book by Huy Voun Lee tells the story of a mother and son at the beach.  The mother teaches her son several Chinese characters, with little stories to help remember how the characters are made.  These were neat books and I wish I knew about them when we were studying China!

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