Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Zoo!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with some friends.  The weather was perfect: sunny, but not too hot.  The animals were much more active than I usually see them.  The girls loved the flamingos at the entrance to the zoo.  We bought some of the feed to give them, but they were not that hungry.
 I loved all the bamboo everywhere:
In the parakeet section, we had little sticks with bird seed attached to them.  The girls held the sticks out and tried to get the parakeets to eat from them:
 There were lots and lots of parakeets on this house:
 Sabrina trying to get the parakeets to eat from her stick:
In front of the elephants (they were completely covered in dirt - you could not even tell they were gray:
The elephants were eating long stalks of bamboo (you could hear it cracking from pretty far away).  The girls said they were "crunching the bamboo like it's a potato chip."
 The giraffes, zebras, and ostriches all shared a paddock:
The girls loved climbing on the statues:
This bird was very colorful:
The gorillas were very active.  We saw them running around and interacting quite a bit.
Sabrina stood on this gorilla statue and said "Look!  He's my base!"  Ever since she was in cheerleading, Sabrina constantly looks for things to stand on and act like she is at the top of a cheer pyramid.
 The petting zoo was a huge hit for Sabrina, who told me she wanted to become a goat farmer.
 The petting zoo had brushes which you could use to groom the goats:
Catherine was pretty hesitant to touch the goats (and actually just watched most of the time), but Sabrina would have stayed there for hours:
 We rode the train and the carousel:

We had a great time at the zoo!

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Kimberly said...

We had a great time at the zoo too! Your pictures are fabulous. I enjoyed reading your commentary of the day. Charles will really enjoy looking back at the recap, I think. Your girls are very well behaved! I hope we can go again soon!!