Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Boardwalk Resort at Disney

One evening last week while we were in Orlando we stopped by the Boardwalk Resort to watch the fireworks over Epcot.  The show was very hard to see from that resort, but we had a great time at the resort.  I had no idea that the Boardwalk is peppered with magicians, jugglers, and other street performers mingling among the crowds.  We had a blast watching them.

Our favorite was the performer who "taught" the girls to spin plates on a stick.
 After the performer got the plate spinning, he transferred it onto the child's stick. 
 The girls were enthralled by this:

 Look at the huge smile on Catherine's face:
 After the plate spinning, the performer used a bunch of children to perform some magic tricks:
Afterwards, they took a group bow (except Catherine, who curtsied):

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