Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Typhoon Lagoon

Our all time favorite water park is Typhoon Lagoon at Disney World.  We have gone many times and will likely return many more times.  It is great for small children and big children, as well as giving us an opportunity to relax in the middle of an exhausting Orlando week.  One of the favorite parts is the kid-sized tubing:
Catherine actually plays in the splash area a lot while Sabrina is riding the tube.  Fortunately, they are next to each other and we can watch both girls simultaneously:
Another favorite section is the kid-sized fast water slide:

 It really plops the kids down at the end:

 Catherine took a quiet moment to play in the sand:
 Sabrina walking around the sand castle area:
 Sisters!  I am so glad that they are so close ...
This time we taught them to get out of the tube by themselves.  It was generally not a very graceful exit, but they were able to do it themselves.
Catherine found a small spot in the "splash area" which she called her private pool.  She spent a lot of time laying there by herself:
 I love how relaxing a day at Typhoon Lagoon can be:

In the center of the park is a huge shipwrecked boat.  It shoots tall spouts of water every hour or so, which is then followed by a series of enormous waves.
This is a shot of the enormous wave heading towards us.  When we stood in the middle of the pool, these waves knocked us over and moved us a good 25-30 feet.  The girls loved these waves, but we had to hold them tightly!
Near the wave pool there is a huge tidal pool.  The girls lined up several chairs to create a tunnel.  Then they floated a plastic cup down the tunnel they created.  Sabrina was fascinated by this process.
So fascinated, in fact, that Sabrina decided to crawl through the tunnel herself:

 Doesn't she look happy?
 Finally, we gave Sabrina a Mickey Mouse ice cream.  Wow, was that a messy experience.
Seriously, aren't you born knowing how to eat a chocolate covered mouse head shaped ice cream on a stick neatly?

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