Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Jacksonville Science & History Museum

Last week we went to Jacksonville to spend some time with some old friends of Robby's.  We wanted to spend some time on the beach, but the weather did not cooperate.  So, we visited the Jacksonville Museum of Science and History for the afternoon. 

The museum had a huge walk-through body.  The girls still talk about the "big mouth" with the teeth and tongue.
Sabrina generating power, which is measured by watts:
The girls using markers to decorate small flower pots:
 Sabrina standing next to a huge whale:
 The girls near some bones:
Because it was Earth Day, there were lots of craft stations everywhere.  They enjoyed painting rocks and shells:

The history of Jacksonville section was quite interesting:
 Sabrina loved this big bell:
 In the steamboat section:
The highlight of the museum was the Terrarium Workshop.  All the kids made mini-terrariums in mason jars:
 After a bottom layer of pebbles, they added a layer of moss.
This is a messy process:
 After the moss layer comes the dirt.
 Lastly, the plant:
They loved their terrariums and played with the dirt by making additional layered dirt projects in Dixie cups.
Lots of fun!

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