Monday, April 8, 2013

Tellus Museum

Today we went to the Tellus Museum in Cartersville.  It's a small science museum just north west of Atlanta.  We bought a nationwide reciprocal science museum membership, so it is free to go.  It is a great afternoon activity to keep the kids busy.  Plus, they may just learn a little science while they are there.

There are basically two kids' sections.  The kids' play area, and the Gem Panning and Fossil Digging area.  Sabrina found some pretend shark teeth in the pretend sand:
But both girls seemed to prefer the gem panning (which is basically water play and treasure hunting combined).  Catherine took it very seriously:
The staff at the museum gives the children a tiny ziplock bag to put all of their treasures in.  Catherine got very wet during this process:
Sabrina was a little neater than Catherine, but still got soaked:
They also saw some dinosaur skeletons:
We went with some friends.  We captured a picture in front of the huge dinosaur jaw:
Tellus also has a huge rock display.  Here the girls are making silly faces in front of sedimentary rocks:
The group in front of the rocket display:
Sabrina pretending she is an astronaut:
A great little museum just 30 minutes from our house - and a great afternoon diversion!

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