Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Racer Derby - Regionals

About a week after the JFBC competition, the pinewood derby Regional Competition was held in Douglasville.  We all were able to go and had a great time.  This time there were only 9 girls competing (the JFBC competition had 42 girls).  So, they had all the girls sit next to the track and hold their cars.  Each heat consisted of two cars.  The kids were called up two at a time for their races.
Then the girls sat down and watched their cars cross the finish line (each race takes about two seconds):
 Catherine is impressed that her car won:
 Her lovely pink car gets a good luck cheek rub:
 The final standings .... Catherine placed third!!
 Catherine standing next to her friend Sofia, who took fourth place:
 A close-up of the glittery gold trophy:
 Catherine receiving her trophy:
 The third place "racer girl" with her winning car:
Well ... now we advance to the State Competition level!

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