Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Racer Derby - JFBC

Every year our church holds a pinewood racer derby for the RA's (Royal Ambassadors) and GA's (Girls in Action).  Last year Catherine could not participate because of her surgery and the aftercare.  This year she said she wanted to compete, so we bought a car.  She painted it, added glitter to it, and declared it done.  Robby added wheels, weights, and graphite. 

We all wanted to attend the race, but Sabrina was very sick.  So, she and I stayed home.  Robby and Catherine went alone.  The car had been turned in 2 days earlier and "impounded."  They weigh the cars and check their length.  Catherine's is the pink one in the back row in the middle:
One of the "officials" gives the child his/her car.  Then the child carries the car over to the "official" who loads the car onto the track.
 Then the child is introduced to the crowd - at which time Catherine waved to everyone:
 Then the children watch as the cars zoom down the track:
Robby and I went to the Bon Jovi concert on the turn-you-car-in-night, so a friend of the family turned our car in for us.  He wasn't sure how to spell her name, so he guessed.  Once the name and car are entered into the system, it apparently can't be changed.  Here are the results from one of the heats:
Catherine reacts to her car winning:
Catherine won fourth place!  She received a ribbon and walked across the stage:
 The top five girl winners:
 The final speed results:
Because she finished in the top four, Catherine was able to advance to the Regional Competition.

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