Monday, April 8, 2013

Charlotte Discovery Center

A few weeks ago we went back to the Great Wolf Lodge in Charlotte, NC.  We had such a great time there in January that we returned for another 2 days of indoor water park fun.  We went up the day before to tour the children's science museum, which the children loved.

We did not have our "good camera" with us because it was being repaired.  So, some of these shots are a bit blurry.  We took these shots with our iPhones.  One of the girls' favorite activities was the "air chair."  As they sat on it and pushed both buttons, the chair raised in the air.
They also loved the microscopes they got to look through, although I am not sure they actually stopped long enough to actually see what was under the microscope.
Sabrina looks so intently into the microscope:
The girls at some type of tilt tables:
To be honest, I barely have a chance to read any of the exhibits at museums when I have the kids with me; they move so fast throughout the museum and I have to constantly chase after them.

The museum had a small tropical rain forest, which contained a fun rope bridge:
The museum included a huge section on housing and building methods. We played with a lot of blocks, tents, and other building materials.  Here Catherine is designing a house, with furniture:

Like most children's museums, there is a water play section:
The museum closed and we ran out of time ... the girls wanted to go back to the water play section again.  :(

We saw two 3-D movies (one about lions, one a retelling of The Little Prince).  Sabrina with her glasses:
We also saw the IMAX movie The Flight of the Butterflies, about the Monarch butterfly migration.  She actually did her presentation the next week at our home school co-op on the Monarch butterfly migration and the tagging programs which were used to discover their winter home in Mexico.

Catherine got to pet a snake:
This was a great museum and I really hope we get to return!  The girls spent about 4-5 hours there and we had to drag them away!

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