Monday, October 1, 2012

Sea World

On the last day of our trip, we visited Sea World.  We had not been there since our Make A Wish trip.  But, through our online home school, we were able to participate in a field trip of Sea World for only $25 a person.  While waiting for the Ocean Discovery class to begin, Robby took some pictures of the girls.  I love this pose:
 Sabrina playing with flowers:
During the class several kids got up and help different animals so they could act out the food chain.  Sabrina was a tarpon and Catherine was a shark.

 The dolphin nursery was neat, literally they had 9 dolphins in a small pool:
 The pelicans:
 The sea lions:
 Watching a show:
 The sea lion jumping into the pool during the show:
 The big fat walrus:
 It actually spun around at the end of the show:
 Sabrina looking at an aquarium:
 Catherine enjoying the fish:

 I am not sure what this has to do with the sea, but the girls got to pet an alpaca:

 Again, I am not sure what this has to do with the sea, but they had a pretty cactus garden:
 A whale tail in bloom:
 The children's ride section was a hit, including the sea animal carousel:
 The Tea Cup copycat ride called the Swirly Fishes:
 The up-and-down ride called the "Crab:"
 Getting ready for the Ocean Commotion ride with Daddy:
 Getting tossed and turned on the Ocean Commotion ride:
They also had a Shamu roller coaster, but we did not get any good pictures.  It was pretty hot, so the girls and Robby cooled off in a splash pad:

 I love topiaries and here is one of Shamu:
 The girls playing in a pretend ice cave:

The dragon sea horse:
 Sabrina looking at a walrus through the glass:
 The dolphin show included some dives and acrobats (as well as birds flying around the audience):
 They also had some dolphins in the dolphin show, but half of it was human divers and acrobats:
 Here is one of the acrobats:
The highlight of the day was feeding the dolphins: Sabrina just threw the fish in, but you were supposed to pet the dolphin on the chin and then drop the fish in.
 Petting the dolphin.  Catherine said it felt "rubbery." 
 More feeding:
 Catherine looking at the dolphin:

The dolphin actually made clicking sounds while it was right in front of us, which was really neat.  Catherine thought it was talking directly to her.
 The whale show:
 The mom and baby:
 Those animals are so photogenic!
 And huge:
 I was pretty impressed when the whales acted in coordination with each other:
It was a great day!

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