Monday, October 1, 2012

4 Quarters 4 Research - Rally Foundation

Every year Pope High School devotes one of their football games to Matt Hobby Night.  Matt was a football player there who lost his battle with cancer a few years ago.  The students and staff use the entire week of the game as an opportunity to raise money for childhood cancer research.  We were invited, as well as some other local families affected by childhood cancer to participate.

Every year one football player is selected to wear Matt Hobby's number, 70.  Here is Catherine with this year's player:
Before the game began, Catherine found one of the megaphones with her name on it.  The cheerleaders taught her how to use it:
 A family picture:
 Catherine with the game ball:
Catherine was chosen to do the coin toss.  Here the coaches and referrees were trying to explain to her what to do:
 Catherine and Sabrina walking out with the Pope High School team captains and the head referee:
 Catherine listening as the referee tells the players to "play fair:"
 Handing Catherine the official coin:
 Catherine throwing it in the air:
After the toss, the referee gave her the official coin:
 Once the game began, the girls got to line up with the cheerleaders and cheer with them.
They had a blast!

Sabrina used her pom poms to play hide and seek:

She is the happiest girl on the planet:
Catherine loved the megaphone:

It was as big as she is!

Oops!  Wrong way!
The girls with some of the cheerleaders:
Pope High School raised over $19,000 that week for childhood cancer research.  Very impressive!

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