Monday, October 1, 2012

Cruising For Kids - BTFC

The Cherokee County Optimist Club hosts Crusing For Kids every year on a house boat.  It is so much fun! While on the boat ride around Lake Lanier, the kids and families are entertained by improv actors.  The girls love the face painting:

 Sabrina relaxed on a chaise in the front of the boat:
 Catherine getting ready to have her face painted:
 This year they had a "therapy monkey" come to entertain the crowd.  It drank from a cup:
 Which amazed Catherine:
 It liked to have its cheeks shaved with an electric razor:
 Catherine is still small enough she loves to sit on laps:
 The monkey brushing his teeth:

 Catherine helping to drive the boat:
 Sabrina helping to drive the boat:
 The monkey eating a lollipop:
 The girls refused to hold the monkey in their lap, so I consented:

 The monkey rearranged my bangs while sitting on my head:
 The monkey checked Robby's hair before it stood on his head:
 Checking Robby out:
The event is a lot of fun and raises money for the Brain Tumor Foundation for Children.

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