Monday, October 1, 2012

Hollywood Studios

On Sunday of our trip we went to Hollywood Studios.  My dad had never been there before and we had not been there in over a year.  The weather was was great and for the first time ever we met Donald & Daisy Duck together, in their "dress clothes:"
 Getting autographs:

 The picture taking spot was in the bright sun, so the girls were squinting:
 This was another first, the girls met Jake!
When Catherine reached out to touch his bandana, one of the handlers jumped in and told her not to.  I guess they were concerned about a possible mascot decapitation.

Can you tell how thrilled Sabrina is?  They love this show and request it every single day.

 Sabrina also wants to kiss the mascots:
The parade contained characters from the Pixar movies, like Mr. Potato Head (I wish he had his arm down when we snapped the picture ... oh well):
 Bulls-Eye from Toy Story:
 Lotso Bear:
 Getting autographs from Winnie the Pooh:

We had never done this before, but we were able to attend the Animation Academy.  It is a class taught by a Disney cartoonist in which they teach you how to draw one Disney character.  We learned how to draw Donald Duck.
 The girls really paid attention and tried:
 It was quite a treat to learn some of their techniques.
 The class lasted about 20 minutes, which was about as long as the girls' attention lasted.
 Meeting Handy Manny:
 Me hugging Jake (their was no line so we just took a quick picture):
We ate at the Sci-Fi Dinner Theater, where we sat in cars.  The girls loved this because they had movie clips playing the whole time.
 Every car seat had a built-in counter.
 The girls loved the tail lights on our car.
 Meeting one of the Green Army Men from Toy Story:
Hollywood Studios has tons of shows which are hard to photograph.  We saw the Voyage of the Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Beauty and the Beast, the Muppets, and the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular.  At night we saw the Fantasmic Show, which contained fireworks, video projected on huge sprays of water, stunts, etc.  There were lots of characters sprinkled throughout the show. 

At the end, all of the characters came out on a huge ship:

Such a fun day!

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