Monday, October 1, 2012

Magic Kingdom

Last week we were so blessed to be able to go to the Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom.  First, we dressed in costumes.  Sabrina's face make-up did not last long; she kept touching & smearing it:
Robby and I dressed as surgeons.  All night long complete strangers came up to us and told us their arm hurt, their think they broke their leg, etc. 

One time two Japanese teen-aged girls came up to Robby and asked if they could take a picture.  He thought they were asking him to take a picture of them, so he reached for their camera.  They said, in broken English, that they wanted a picture of them with him, the American doctor.  I had to chime in and explain that he is not really a doctor, that this is just a costume.  They said that is OK, they wanted a picture anyway.  So, he indulged them.  So, somewhere in Japan two teen girls are showing their friends their picture with Doctor Robby!
 The girls met Sleeping Beauty:
 All of us in front of Main Street:
 In front of Cinderella's Castle (Catherine loved her sparkly costume):
The Tea Cups is their favorite ride.  Sabrina stood up for the picture, but has to sit when we start spinning:
 Posing in the stationery Dumbo ride:
 Robby has always wanted to take the train ride which loops the park.  We did that for the first time:
We went to a dance party with Woody and Jessie:

 And met a miniature Wicked Witch there:
 As well as another Dorothy:
 The girls also met Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather (the fairy godmothers from Sleeping Beauty):
 Checking out the "diamonds" the Seven Dwarfs mined for:
 Meeting the Seven Dwarfs (Grumpy certainly plays the part):
 Dopey was their favorite, so they hugged him several times. 
The parade was a lot of fun.  Because it was wet and rainy, they would not let the Headless Horseman run the parade route.  But we saw lots of characters we don't normally see, like Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland:
 Mickey and Minnie in Halloween costumes:
 Christopher Robin and all the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood:
 Wendy, Peter Pan, and the Lost Boys of Neverland:
 Mr. Smee and Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger:
 Waving to the crowd with his good hand (I wish he would have raised his hook instead):
 Tic-Toc, the crocodile who ate Captain Hook's hand:
 The Pirates of the Caribbean float, with Jack Sparrow on top:

 The Grave Diggers from the Haunted Mansion ride (they danced with their shovels a lot):
 The holographic zombie dancers from the dinner party on the Haunted Mansion ride:
 Their costumes were great!
 The evil hyenas from the Lion King movie:
 The Queen of Hearts:
 At the end they gave out Mickey Mouse head shaped lollipops to everyone:
 Another thrill of the night was meeting the princesses with their princes.  Here is Snow White and "the Prince."  Catherine asked him what his name was and he said "the Prince."
 Getting autographs:

 Hugs and smiles:

 Rapunzel and Flynn Rider:
Rapunzel told us that her hair was 70 feet long if she didn't braid it.  She and Catherine talked hair for a bit.
 Catherine reacting to the "seventy feet" of hair comment:

 Meeting Cinderella and Prince Charming (that is sort of a name):
I always stand back to let Robby get good pictures of the girls with the characters.  So, I have no idea what they talk about.

 Getting ready for the formal picture:
 Catherine loved sitting on her blue sparkly dress:

 A kiss from Cinderella on the hand:
Because of the rain, one of the parades was cancelled, as well as the fireworks show and about half of the character meet & greets.  It was still fun, though.  At the end of the day, this is what the girls look like:

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