Monday, October 1, 2012

Give Kids the World

Several years ago we went on a Make A Wish sponsored trip to Disney World, Universal and Sea World.  We stayed at Give Kids the World, a village set up for Make A Wish kids.  It is a wonderful place.  They allow families to come back and visit for day visits whenever they want.  We were thrilled to have the opportunity to return for a day last week.

This helicopter chair was new and the girls loved it:

 Riding a jiggly elephant:
We also played Dino-Putt there.  My girls have interesting techniques:
 Robby trying to teach Sabrina good putting form:
 My father and I trying to teach Sabrina good putting form:
 Despite all of our efforts, Sabrina still prefers the "carry and place" method to putting:
Every hole had a dinosaur which roared, spit water, excreted smoke through his nostrils, or something after you got the ball in the hole.  Both girls were scared and jumped every time this happened.  After several holes, Catherine decided to prep for the "scary" part:
 We also visited the La-Ti-Da Spa, where the girls got their nails painted:
 And dried:
 Sabrina's turn:
 Now to sit still while they dry:
My Dad had his nails painted for the first time ever (we went to a Halloween Party that night and he was dressing like a punk rocker):
We also got to see Catherine's star, which was hanging on the ceiling (every kid that stays in the Village gets a star with their name on it):
 Pointing it out to us:
 The staff at the Village are allowed to climb on a ladder to see the star and point at it for you:
 The best part of the Village was the pool, which included a splash pad.
 This was not built when we stayed three years ago.  The girls ran and swam for hours:
Sweet Sabrina:
 The girls loved walking on the ledge they had all around the edge of the pool:

Part of the pool was "zero entry," so children in wheel chairs and walkers could enter.  It was tiled like a beach and the girls loved it:
When we looked at the pictures later, Catherine said she was praying at this point:
 More fun on the ledge:
 Sabrina confused about what to do:
 They have added a picture-taking set where it looks like a child is surfing:

 Catherine in the splash pad:
So much fun!

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