Monday, October 1, 2012

Lego Land

Recently we had a neat opportunity to go to Orlando's theme park Lego Land.  It was a great, fun day!  As you would expect, every where you turned things were made out of Legos:
 And you could buy Legos every where you turned:
 The girls loved the two-floor carousel:
 Meeting a Lego character:
 It was quite clever what they made out of Legos (hair curlers):
 A John Deere tractor:
 An itty bitty corn field:
 A crocodile:
 A rooster (it came in and out of that door and crowed):
 A fruit stand:
One of my favorite parts of the park was Mini-Land.  They had recreate several cities in Legos, including Kennedy Space Station.  Pretend smoke came out of the bottom of the space shuttle:
 More of the mini Kennedy Space Center:
 Mini Las Vegas:
Including brides and grooms:
 Mini Guggenheim Museum:
 Mini Grand Central Station:
The park used to be Cypress Gardens, so they kept the water ski show.  But, it now has a Lego theme:
 Shaking hands with one of the performers:

 Meeting one of the performers after the show:
Another section of Cypress Gardens which they kept was the formal gardens.  But, they added some princesses made out of Legos:
 Here is the famous banyan tree, in the middle of the formal gardens.  It was very neat.
This was the "sausage tree," which had these things hanging down from it which really looked like sausages:
Another Lego princess:
 Batman and Robin:
 A rabbit with a chain saw (and Sabrina):
This was a Lego "hero" whom the girls met:
 My Dad and Catherine building Lego cars:
Sabrina and Robby with the huge Legos:
 Testing out the Lego cars they just built:
Catherine built a tower of Legos and put it on the green plate.  Then, she turned a knob to shake it - as if there was an earthquake:
 Catherine and the over sized Legos:
 Sabrina testing her tower on the earthquake machine:
 Another highlight was meeting Olivia, one of the Lego friends:
Sabrina riding one of the rides, horses that kind of look like Legos.  There were tons of rides for my age/size children.  Bigger kids would probably have been bored with all of these smaller rides.
 Catherine on the horse ride:
 Sabrina on a Lego pig:
 My Dad and Catherine on the up-and-down ride:
Sabrina and I on the safari ride, which contained tons of African animals made out of Legos.  We came on a Thursday and there were no lines for anything.
 My dad and Catherine on the safari ride:
The roller coaster was Sabrina's absolute favorite ride.  She rode it about 5-6 times.  Catherine rode it once and thought she might throw up, so asked not to do it again.  There were so few people there that the ride operators let Sabrina just stay on the ride several times. 
 Sabrina inside a Lego shark:
 Robby and Sabrina on a boat ride:
 The girls at the junior driving school:
Sabrina was too young to go on the "real" driving school.  So, Catherine did it by herself.  She actually had to stop at read lights, stop at stop signs, stay in her lane, not hit other cars, etc.  It was very cute to watch her stop, turn her head to look, then proceed through the intersection. 

She frequently ran into curbs and the ride operators had to physically move her car over a few inches.  At one point I think she got bored with the test, because she got out of the car and started walking around on the road.  She was told to get back in her car over the intercom system.

But, she was thrilled when they told her she passed the driving test and gave her a "driver's license" at the end.  Later that night she asked if she could drive my car.  We explained that her Lego driver's license only worked in Lego Land.

 Lastly, they had an enormous head (at least 15 feet tall) of Albert Einstein made out of Legos:
Lots of fun!

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