Monday, July 16, 2012

Cat in the Hat ... A Step Further

I grew up on The Cat in the Hat and have read it to my girls all the time.  It is one of our favorites and I am so proud that Catherine can read it now.  I honestly think Dr. Seuss may be the best children's writer ever.  No one can touch his diction and the amazing characters and plots he created.

I was so excited when I recently discovered a new series of books called The Cat in the Hat Learning Library.  These were not written by Dr. Seuss, but the authors Tish Rabe and Bonnie Worth do try to mimic his style.  The Cat in the Hat takes Sally and I (the boy's name is not known), as well as Thing One and Thing Two on educational journeys.  There are at least a dozen books in this series. 

I have requested them all from our local public library.  Only a handful are currently owned by the library.  But, many are being ordered by the library.  So, when the library acquires them, I get them first! 

My girls love space, so this was one of our favorites:
This book describes, at a preschool level, the different types of maps there are: topographical, political, population, etc.  It also teaches why we need maps, how they make them, etc.
Last year we studied habitats in our first grade science curriculum.  This is a great review of deserts: .
I can't wait for our library to acquire more of these books!

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