Monday, July 16, 2012

Drawing Lessons

We have always done lots of crafts with the girls.  But, I am not an artistic person and have never taken a single art  class.  So, when we were at the library last week I saw a "5 Steps to Drawing ..." book for kids and picked it up.  I gave it to the girls and that same evening Catherine sat for an hour and followed the instructions to draw six different types of bugs.  Sabrina only drew one bug.  But, this book requires a great deal of focus to study and copy each of the steps to complete the drawing.

I was impressed, so I requested several more books in this series from the library.  They came in today.  As soon as I brought them home, Catherine looked through them and started more drawings.  Here are some of the books in the series (they are written by several authors but the books all follow the same patterns).
My girls liked this one the least, which I guess is a little too boyish for them:
Catherine loved this one, which includes directions for drawing a baby:
The animal ones are fun (they also have ones for sea creatures, farm animals, bugs):
I also got 5 Steps for Drawing Monsters.  But, after looking at it myself I did not give it to the girls.  They do not need to learn how to draw vampires, etc.

Lots of fun!

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