Monday, July 16, 2012

Braves Game

We are not huge baseball fans, but we do go about once or twice a year.  We were recently given tickets from the Rally Foundation and had a fabulous time at a game.  Turner Stadium has added a lot of fun things for small kids to do who can't possible pay attention to an entire game.

Near the main entrance, there is a miniature baseball field, just perfect for my miniature children to play some nerf baseball on:
 Grandpa giving Catherine some pointers:
 Sabrina's at the bat:
 Here they are running the miniature base lines:

They both love mascots now and were so excited to see Will and Hope, the two mascots from Children's Healthcare of Atlanta:
 Sabrina of course loved the edible treats at a baseball game:
At the top of the stadium they have a full length base line which the kids got to run.  They must have run this a dozen times:

Thank you Rally Foundation!

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