Friday, April 27, 2012

Natural History Museum

One of my favorite Smithsonian museums growing up was the Natural History Museum.  I loved seeing all the animals.  I was much older before I realized they were all taxidermied, which is quite gross.  But, they are still fascinating.  Love the eats on this one:
 Catherine was copying the giraffe's drinking of water:
 A rabbit in action:
Peeking inside the kangaroos pouch (they did have a plastic baby kangaroo in there):
 Looking at a model of a human skull:
We learned about cave paintings in our history class, so Catherine was impressed to see some:
 There is a lot to see in this museum.  I was so spoiled growing up near these free museums!
 Look at the huge quartz:
The girls have recently become obsessed with the planets, so they loved this display.  We told them to stand under their favorite planet, thinking they would pick Earth.  I am not sure why Catherine picked Mercury and Sabrina picked Mars.

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