Monday, April 30, 2012

Supporting CHOA

Recently we were asked to help support Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at the annual "Spring Classic."  Apparently the UGA and GA Tech baseball teams play each other every spring at Turner Stadium and 45,000 people come out to watch.  They raise approximately $250,000 each year for CHOA.  Well, obviously we are huge supporters of CHOA, having spent so much time there.

The weather was beautiful and the girls loved exploring the big baseballs and over sized numbers in front of the stadium:

 Both girls held up three fingers while standing next to this number:
 They also liked looking through a tunnel one number made:
 Sabrina pretended to play piano in this number:

Three local beauty pageant winners were on hand to escort the patients onto the field.  Because they wore tiaras, the girls thought they were princesses:
 Sharing her sash:
Catherine saw these two mascots and screamed out "There are Will and Hope!!"  How many six year olds know the names of the CHOA mascots?
When we walked onto the field, we walked past the dug out.  The girls stopped to shake their hands, thinking they were so neat.  The college students were very loving and sweet to them.
 As the patients (and siblings) stood on the field with the beauty pageant winners, each was announced by name and age.  It was exciting to see the girls on the JumboTron.
 Catherine waving to the crowd:
 Uh-oh!  Catherine has noticed that she is on the big TV, so she turned around to look:
 Now they have both noticed that they are on TV, so they aren't facing the camera anymore:
As we were leaving the field, Catherine said she wanted to stay down there for the game.  Unfortunately, we had to go find seats.  One last hug for Will:
It was a fun evening and I am completely amazed at how much money is raised for CHOA at this event.  Go college baseball fans!

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