Friday, April 27, 2012

Bladder Surgery

Here are some pictures from April 19, 2012 - when Catherine had her most recent bladder surgery.  She was feeling great going in to it:
She is allowed to bring one doll or stuffed animal with her every time we go to the hospital.  This time she brought Baby Sleeping Beauty.
I didn't realize that Robby was taking pictures as they were wheeling her down the hall into the operating room.  That is always a scary time for me, but Catherine was busy trying to get Baby Speeling Beauty's tiara to stay on her head.
We had Sabrina with us all day while Catherine was in surgery and recovery.  She played with make-up while we waited.
 When they bring Catherine back, she always looks like this:
Totally asleep, wrapped in blankets, a bunch of monitors hooked up to her, with an IV attached to her.  She also had a new urine bag after this surgery.  It takes an hour or so for her to wake up, and then she is basically half asleep.  Even so, I am always thrilled to get her back!

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