Wednesday, April 25, 2012


While we were in DC, we of course walked around the Mall to see all the monuments.  Lots of fun!
The girls were intrigued by all the names on the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall:

 We let them take pictures with a small, old digital camera we have.  They loved that:

 The Lincoln Memorial (and an attempt at a family picture):
 Catherine tried to take a picture of Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address:
Catherine accompanied me to the Memorial's small (and I mean closet-sized) gift shop.  She was so thrilled when she found a post card of the same speech which she had photographed:
Sabrina pointing at the reflecting pool (which was under construction) and the Washington Memorial:
 Sabrina burning off excess energy:
The World War II Memorial has lots of fountains.  We gave the girls pennies to throw in the fountains.  Sabrina has a fearless streak and ran right up to the edge of the water:
 Catherine stayed back a safe distance to throw her penny in the water:

The girls loved the fountains:

 They have a wall of gold stars, each of which represents 100 soldiers who died in that war:

The Korean War Memorial:
 This memorial was kind of hard to photograph, but we tried:

This is the first time I have seen the MLK Memorial, and I was unimpressed.  They have some of his quotes carved in the walls, but it is hard to see the whole monument at one time.  Catherine did photograph Sabrina and me.
One of my new favorite memorials is the FDR one, which includes a bunch of statues (like a bread line from the Great Depression):
 Listening into a fireside chat:
 His beloved dog:

 The girls pretending they are as staid as Elanor Roosevelt:
And some fountains at the FDR Memorial:
 The Jefferson Memorial (we did not get very good pictures inside it):
Lastly, we tried to get some good pictures with the Washington Memorial in the background but it was very windy, so here was the best we could do:

 Catherine posing:
 Sabrina making silly faces:

 Robby and the girls: