Friday, January 13, 2012

Modeling Clay

I have often said how much I love the dollar store.  I find so many gems there.  Even of something does not work as well as I hope, I only invested a dollar.  A few months ago I bought a set of modeling clay.  There were at least 20 colors in little sticks.  The set has been sitting on a shelf all this time.    

As a reward for finishing all their desk work, I let the girls play with it:
 They made little flowers, snakes, pizzas, towers, and some other basic sculptures.
One thing I like about homeschooling is having the time to do more of these projects with my girls that I have meant to do for awhile.  The girls enjoyed this and played with the clay for almost an hour.  It was very poor quality and hard to manipulate.  By the time they were done with it, the clay had hardened and was really dry.  So, I threw it out.  But for a dollar, who cares?  My girls go to pretend they were sculptors and used their imaginations and fingers!

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