Friday, January 13, 2012

Math Games

Last week, after fighting with Catherine over work sheets, I found some math games which involved a die, some flat bottomed marbles, and worksheets.  This game was called "Add Ten:"
Catherine rolled a die and added ten to the number she got.  She placed a colored stone on the appropriate number (between 11 and 16).  When the "board" was completely covered, she won.

This game is called "Doubles:"
Again, she rolled a die.  She doubled the number she got and marked the correct total on her board.  She "won" this game too.

Sabrina also does some math fun too.  One of her favorites is placing stickers next to the correct numbers.  She has learned the concept of zero through this exercise and strengthened her counting skills. 
Today while we were in the car the girls watched a video on Addition.  The term zero was mentioned.  Sabrina blurted out "Zero means none at all!"  I love moments like this: proof that they have learned something!

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