Monday, December 12, 2011

Camp Sunshine Hosts Kids at Rhodes Hall

Last week attended a fabulous Christmas event at Rhodes Hall in downtown Atlanta.  When I told the girls we had to dress up to go see Santa, Catherine asked me if we were going to the North Pole.  It is amazing to me how convoluted the "lie" of Santa has to be.  On the fly the only thing I could think of was that Santa was coming to Atlanta to visit.

While we were waiting for Robby to get home, the girls practiced a bunch of poses for the camera. I didn't think much about it, until we actually got next to Santa and they could not just stand still and smile:

Catherine was particularly hamming it up for the camera:
They also enjoyed crafts at Rhodes Hall:

Catherine brought a cookie to Santa (I think she was actually flirting with him):
Lastly, we wanted to try a family picture.  After several attempts at a serious, normal picture, we just gave up and all decided to pose for the camera:

Thank you, Camp Sunshine for a fabulous evening with Santa in a beautiful castle-like house!

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