Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rally Hosts Milk & Cookies with Santa

On Sunday we went to a fabulous Christmas visit with Santa at the St. Regis Hotel.  The girls were so excited; they both ran into the room screaming "Santa!"  This was the first time that I have ever seen kids sitting on the floor listening to Santa tell stories:
The kids were enraptured by his stories:
Then, each child was able to individually tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  He spent a lot of time with them and my girls had extensive conversations with him:

 The conversation seems so serious:

 I wish I could have been close enough to hear what Sabrina was telling him:

Here is our attempt at a family photo:
The St. Regis Hotel was very opulent.  They had a huge walk-through gingerbread house, which the girls loved:
The entire event was very classy and upscale.  We dressed the girls up in beautiful party dresses and enjoyed fabulous snacks and drinks.  My girls were fairly well behaved, except for this little choking incident:
I promise I do not let my children watch violent television! 

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