Sunday, December 11, 2011

More Advent Activities

This December is considerably busier than usual (and December is normally a busy month).  With the playhouse construction, bathroom renovation, and processing Catherine's new medical challenges, we are just barely getting by.  I have not begun to do any shopping for my family and have no idea what I will put in their stockings.  I have finished their Santa gifts and the playhouse is what we are giving them.  We are giving each other the bathroom, so that is taken care of.
So, we have been a bit behind on our advent activities, but the girls still love them!  I think the most exciting part is pulling the envelopes down and opening them:

Sabrina cannot read the cards herself, because she is 3.  So when it is her turn to pull an envelope down, Catherine always tries to take it from her to read the card. 
But, Sabrina wants to feel like she can do it herself, so she runs away from Catherine (they literally chased each other around the couch a few times):
This year we tried a new activity that we did not do last year: Have a Picnic by the Christmas Tree.  The girls loved it:
We have also done Show and Tell Your Favorite Ornament:
Sabrina chose the Ariel ornament and Catherine chose the pink magic wand.  I chose a hand made Disney ornament and Robby chose an angel ornament.  Halfway through our discussion both girls and Robby all wanted to choose an extra ornament.

We also Danced to Christmas Music:

After Robby got tired, the girls chose our Mickey and Minnie as dance partners:
We have also Made Tissue Wreaths.  I was not as organized this year as last year, so I could not find red and green tissue paper in my wrapping supplies.  So, I just used the pastel tissue paper I could find:
 Sabrina is still working on the distinction between a wreath and a hat:

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