Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunflower Farm

Yesterday we went to Rutledge, GA to visit a Sunflower Farm.  It was 100 degrees - and it felt like it! There was no shade anywhere.  We toured the gardens, an old farm house, and got to pick a bucket full of sunflowers.  Lots of fun.

This pretend chicken looked so real that Sabrina was afraid to pet it:
She loved the animals made out of painted old car parts (she and Catherine poured water on themselves to cool off, so that is why her shirt is wet):
 Catherine smelling a yellow daisy:
Catherine cutting the leaves off a sunflower (you could pick as many as would fit in the bucket, so we had to squish them in):
 I have never seen so many sunflowers in my life - acres of them.  All pointing in the same direction.
The girls pretending they are in the American Gothic painting:

 My dad found a bunch of stems with some sunflower buds on them:
Here is my Dad hauling away our loot of sunflowers (it was heavy!)
 Sabrina with the cow statue:

My Dad was far more impressed with the tractor than the girls, but they did oblige him and stand/sit for a picture:

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