Monday, June 27, 2011

Tour of Publix

We go to Publix at least once a week, so it seemed kind of silly to tour the grocery store.  But, Catherine's Girl Scout Daisy troop took a tour (and Sabrina tagged along).  They loved it.  All the girls got reusable bags which contained a Publix apron with a name tag for each of them:
They also got hair nets to wear throughout their tour. We stopped at the cook's center at the front of the store.  She told us about the sample foods that she cooks for shoppers and gave us some menu cards:
 We stopped at the floral section and were given pink balloons:

 The deli section gave us some sample meats and cheeses:
 The butcher gave the girls some meat stickers:
 And he let them pet a live lobster:
Probably the most interesting part was the bakery, where the girls got to decorate a cupcake and a cookie.  First, they had to watch their hands:
 A demonstration of making a frosting flower:
Sabrina squeezing frosting onto a cupcake:
 Catherine decorating a cupcake:
The refrigerated food tour included a tour of the actual walk-in refrigerators and freezers in the back of the store (the girls did a lot of giggling in there).
 They lifted the girls up to show them the huge trash compactor:
 The girls loved riding the lift on the loading dock (up and down, up and down):
We met the police officer and got a tour of the security room (where we could see all the cameras used).  I had no idea that our Publix has a police officer on duty every single day in the late afternoon - evening.  He explained to the girls what to do if they lose their parents in the store. 
I actually learned a little about the store and was thoroughly impressed with the level of service the store provided.  Publix went all out for us and I would highly recommend your group taking this tour.

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