Monday, July 4, 2011

Coaster Set

On Saturday Robby took Sabrina to Home Depot's monthly Kids' Workshop.  Catherine was sick, so she stayed home with me.  The staff at Home Depot were kind enough to give Robby an extra kit so he could take it home and do it with Catherine later that day.

This month's project was a coaster set.  The glue is usually the best part:
 And then comes hammering:
 Then, once your project is complete, you take it to the "supervisor:"
 And, if your project is "acceptable," then you get another pin to add to your apron:
This is a free program which Home Depot runs and I highly recommend you do it.  Not that I foresee a future in carpentry for either of my girls, but their skills have really improved and they love it.  Catherine was able to make the coaster set project completely by herself.  She looked at Sabrina's finished project and figured out how to assemble hers.  All Robby had to do was start the nails and hold the project still while she hammered.  We have been taking the girls for over a year.  In the beginning, we did most of the project while they helped a little.  But, they still learn from it.

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