Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Keen (OK, Insane) Observation Skills

Almost every day my kids do something which amaze me. Lately I have been so impressed with Catherine’s incredible observation skills. Here are two examples:

A few weeks ago I bought a minivan from CarMax. Instead of having a license plate immediately, I had a temporary plate with the CarMax logo on it. After we got the title to the car in the mail, I went to the county tag office to get a new license plate and all of the paperwork in my name. Robby them put the new license plate on the back of my car. Catherine was not present when any of this occurred. We did not discuss the issue with her at all, because it really was not necessary. The next day Catherine said to me “What happened to the CarMax sign on the back of your car?”

My new minivan has a DVD player, so the girls are allowed to watch movies in the car. I have not gotten the head phones working yet, so we have been playing the audio of the movies over the main speaker system of the minivan. Therefore, I do not get to listen to music like I could in my old SUV. While we were waiting at a restaurant one of Carrie Underwood’s songs was playing in the lobby. Catherine said “Mommy, this is one of the songs we used to listen to in your old car!”

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