Thursday, June 2, 2011

Spending Days with Sabrina

Lately my workload has slowed down, so I have been able to spend many days with Sabrina. I have learned that she talks all day. She is at that stage where she “narrates” the events of each moment. “This is a cup. It is pink. I am drinking it. You have tea. You are standing. I am sitting. Daddy not here.” Non-stop, all day.

She will also ask “Why?” non-stop.:

Sabrina, you cannot do swim team this year.


Because you are three.


Because you were born three years ago.


Because you were.


Sabrina … just because!

She also giggles and laughs a lot. In fact, several times throughout the day she will say to me “Want to hear me giggle? The first time she asked me this, I was kind of surprised. But, I figure it wouldn’t hurt to say “yes.” Sabrina then proceeded to just giggle and giggle her little heart out. It was pretty cute, that she could just turn her giggling on like that.

I have also been impressed with some of Sabrina's skills.  A few days ago we took out a puzzle.  I intended to help her with it, but wanted to get a drink first.  When I came back into the room, Sabrina had already completed about a third of the puzzle.  I decided not to help her, but watched her finish it all by herself. A 24 piece puzzle!  I had no idea she could do that!

We have also been playing with some silly animal puzzles.  After we complete them all, we sing the Old McDonald song about each animal.  Sabrina loves to bounce around like each animal before we sing each song.  When we sing about a pig, she'll run around the toy room acting like a pig.  Then she will act out being a cow, then a sheep, etc.  Catherine never bounced all over the room like that.  Sabrina seems to take every opportunity she can to wiggle.