Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Scripture tells us not to worry. But, I really struggle with that.  Because of Catherine’s medical history, I do have a tendency to think of the “worst case scenario” explanation.

Lately Sabrina has started stuttering about 60-70% of the time. She has never stuttered before. Now she will say things like:

“I-I-I want some milk.”

“You-you-you are funny.”

Her stuttering is always in the beginning of a sentence. Robby thinks it could be part of her language development and a signal of how excited she is. When we asked her questions, she was able to answer them all without stuttering (What color is your shirt? What is my name? What room are we in?”

Still, there is a part of my mind that cringes every time she stutters. My mind goes haywire and I think “Did she have a stroke? Does she have a brain tumor also?” I try to take captive those thoughts and push them out of my mind. I am not always successful.

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