Thursday, April 28, 2011

Why I Take So Many Pictures

We take tons of pictures.  I have to give a special "thanks" to whoever invented digital cameras.  I could never take pictures the way I do if I was dealing with film.  With digital pictures, I can take 10 pictures of a simple little moment in our lives, upload them to my computer in minutes, and blog them just as easily.

I also scrapbook, which is a great hobby of mine.  I love looking through old scrapbooks and the old pages of my blog, just to remember past events.  The fast pace of my life sometimes leads me to forget these precious times.

Another huge advantage of taking so many pictures is that I notice details in pictures which I did not notice in "real life."  These details give me a chance to relive, and study, these simple moments in life. 

For example, when Robby made colorful volcanoes for the girls in our kitchen, I was focused on the floor and the science project not making a huge mess.  During the activity, I missed the intense look on the girls' faces, but I now realize that they were fascinated by the volcanoes:
Another picture I took which sticks in my mind is this one:

When I took the picture, I was just snapping pictures.  But once I looked at it on the computer, I realized how cute it was.  Catherine was pushing a grocery cart, carrying two purses, and talking on the cell phone.  All at the same time.  She was modeling my behavior - I am a constant multi-tasker.  I am not sure if her copying that behavior is good or not, but "it is what it is."

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