Thursday, April 28, 2011

PlayDoh Porcupines

In our continuing series of animal studies, we read about porcupines yesterday and made some out of PlayDoh, googly eyes, and toothpicks.  This was probably the girls' favorite animal craft to date.  They enjoyed making them and played with them for a good thirty minutes afterwards.  They kept trying to kiss or hug the porcupine, but the quills got in the way.  We had fun trying to find a quill-free part of the porcupine to pet (there are none on the tummy).  Now I am challenged to figure out other animals we can make out of PlayDoh.

Sabrina wore the Rapunzel dress during craft time:
 Catherine forming the body of her porcupine, with a little tail at the back:
 Catherine putting the quills on her porcupine:

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