Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Choir Concert

Catherine has been attending kindergarten choir on Wednesday nights for a year.  They do two shows per year.  Once at Christmas time, and once in the spring.  Last week Catherine joined tons of other kindergartners and sang four Easter songs.

They used gigantic foam palm branches as props during the first song.  Here is the wiggle time before the singing began:
 The singing starts:
I almost didn't post this picture, because it is a bit embarrassing.  Or, it's a great example of nonconformity.  Catherine is holding her palm branch high in the air and every other child has theirs down:
 One thing I love about preschool and kindergarten shows is the obligatory waving to the parents:
Catherine is doing the hand movements and singing a song about Easter morning, with "Roll the stone away" as the chorus.

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