Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Animal Studies

We have continued our animal studies, although we don't do one per day like I had planned (oh, the best laid plans of mice, men and mommys ...).  I read the girls a book about an animal, and then we do a craft.  Here is our tiger craft:
I love how Catherine decided to add stripes to her tiger's ear.  The girls like playing with the whiskers of the tiger, but Sabrina refuses to touch the tiger's fangs and tells her craft "No bite me!"

On the day we studied bears, I had only intended to have the girls make brown bear heads.  But, Catherine suggested that we make black bear heads and polar bear heads too.  I cut up little pieces of paper which they put on top of the paint to represent fur.  The black bear's black nose and black eyes are a bit hard to see, but they are there.
The day we studied zebras was a bit busy, so I skipped the craft that day.  Catherine kept reminding me that we forgot the zebra craft and asked when we would do it.  So, after we did the tiger craft, I drew a zebra for them to color with black & white stripes, which Sabrina did:
Catherine didn't want to make a zebra, she wanted to make a pattern instead:

Under her zebra pattern, she made a tiger pattern.

I have tried to throw out the paper plate crafts we made several times in the lat few days.  I always feel so inundated with paperwork and "stuff" around the house.  But, the girls keep rescuing their paper plate animals from the trash.  They play with them all the time.  Last night Sabrina brought me all three of her bear heads and asked me their names again.  So, I'll let them keep them a little longer.

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