Friday, April 15, 2011

Fashion Show

Last night Catherine was in a fashion show to benefit the Rally Foundation, which raises money for cancer research.  Before the show she had her make-up done:
 Then she and some of the other girls played hide and seek in Bloomingdale's:
 Here all the girls (including Sabrina, who was not a model but loves to participate in just about anything) are walking to go get their hair done and change into their clothes:
 Catherine actually sat pretty well while she got her hair done.
 Here Catherine and her "escort," Atlanta Falcons free safety Thomas Decoud, are practicing what they will do on the runway:

 Catherine was given the option of walking down the runway or being carried.  She never turns down the option of being carried, so this was no exception.
 Halfway down the runway, Catherine initiated a "hat switch:"
 Everyone laughed and Catherine thought it was hysterical:
 You could tell she really enjoyed it.  The players also hammed it up with the girls.
 After all the girls had gone, they did a "parade" where they brought all the girls out again.   Catherine was still carried and did another hat switch.
 The "parade" made a u-turn in front of us.  Catherine saw us and waved at us: