Friday, April 22, 2011

Spring Fling

Last weekend we went to Camp Sunshine's Spring Fling. This is an annual event with an Easter theme.  The weather was wonderful and we had a blast!  They played carnival-style gamed and got little toys and candy:
They made "painted" stained glass items: 
 They made small vases of sand art:
 They (well, actually only Catherine) hugged the Easter Bunny:
 They put stickers on sand pails and drew on wooden ornaments:
 Catherine had her arm painted (not her face this time):
 Catherine held Sabrina's bangs up so her face could be painted:
 Is there anything cuter than a kitty with a pink nose?
 Catherine colored pictures on a sippy cup:
 Grandpa helped Sabrina glue jewels on a foam egg:
 Catherine made a necklace:
 Sabrina also painted a sippy cup:
 Catherine and some other children participated in the magic show:
 Catherine waves at the audience:
 Catherine holding the "magic" tight in her hand, as instructed by the magician:
 Catherine cracking up (it is so good to see her laugh):
 All the kids found the magician hysterical:
 Sabrina watching as the orange balls are counted:
 Sabrina keeping a close eye on the green cups:
 Sabrina and the magician:
 Is she flirting with him?
 Sabrina knows the answer!!  What is the question?
 And the Easter egg hunt:
 Sabrina found a blue one!
 There's an egg in the tree:
 Look, a purple egg:
 Sabrina's basket is getting full:
 Sabrina found an egg in the bush:

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